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Ca Arbequí enjoys a privileged location, as it is at the top of the horta of Lleida and within walking distance of the center of the city of Lleida. The house is located very close to the Vallcalent’s wildlife recovery center.  The proximity of this center allows us to see many native birds in the area, like the stork, peregrine falcon, owl, trenca, and others.

The Bonic garden of Lleida, l’Arboretum, is located on the proximities of Ca l’Arbequí. The park can be visited and provides a guide to varieties of flora from the garden of Lleida.

Lleida offers a lucrative range of activities and cultural events such as l’eix comercialEl Museu Diocesà i Comarcal, L’Auditori Enric GranadosEl teatre de la LlotjaLa Seu Vella, L’esglèsia de Sant Llorenç.

The province of Lleida, easy access from the home offers numerous cultural and recreational activities such as sports, skiing, trekking routes, natural resources, Romanesque, etc. You can see these offered through the tourism website.

raimat Raimat

The winery Raïmat offers the possibility of living first hand the process of winemaking, winery tour the modernist and breathe the harmonious atmosphere of the “cathedral of wine”.

lamitjanaThe Municipal Park of la Mitjana

The Municipal Park of la Mitjana is a natural at the entrance of the city of Lleida, which preserves well the riparian forest ecosystems representative of lowland Mediterranean.

aplecthe Snail’s Gathering – Third weekend of May – Festival of national Tourist Interest

The Snail’s Gathering, in late May, seals season more festive program of the year. Declared of National Tourist Interest Festival and National Day of Traditional Interest is the party most crowded city and one of the most important celebrations ludicogastronòmiques Catalonia. (Text: tourism Lleida)